THE SHINING (1980) with a live score by PSYCHIC TEENS

shiningTuesday, April 22, 8:00 PM
(1980, 144 minutes, Dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Projected forwards and backwards
with a live score by Psychic Teens!

A bizarre practice conceived by John Fell Ryan for Brooklyn’s Spectacle theater and popularized in the 2012 documentary ROOM 237, PhilaMOCA is proud to present Stanley Kubrick’s classic THE SHINING simultaneously projected forwards and backwards on one screen with an original live score by Philadelphia’s own Psychic Teens. Symbols overlap, imagery blends, and deeply hiddensecrets are revealed in this experi- ment in projection.

Philly psychedelic shoegaze death rockers Psychic Teens describe themselves as sounding like “the time you saw your creepy metalhead brother at 80’s night”, which while hilarious is really pretty spot on. The guys are most definitely gloomy and gothy, thick Joy Division-y basslines, reverbed dramatic vox, all moody and minor key, but beyond that, they buck lots of gloom pop and goth rock convention by tethering that stuff to big muscled drum pound, clouds of wild psychedelic freakout, not to mention dense distorted guitars, cranked up, spaced out and metalized. Psychic Teens will be performing an intense, noise based score for an unconventional version of THE SHINING.

Sure to be a maddening, but memorable experience.


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