Free admission for the Underdog 50th Anniversary Classic!

underdoglady-copyWe’ve decided to waive an admission fee for the Saturday, April 26, 3:00 PM Underdog event so that Suzanne “Underdog Lady” Muldowney will have a full house to entertain!  There will be decorations, birthday cake, interpretive dances, and a few cartoons including a special live-action episode of Underdog starring Suzanne herself!  Don’t miss it!
Event details:

Frederick R. Friedel to attend the CFF!

AxeWe just received word that Frederick R. Friedel himself will be in attendance this Sunday for our double feature of his films AXE and KIDNAPPED COED!  His appearance will be filmed and included as a bonus feature on the upcoming Severin Films releases of these two horror classics.  Also, rare AXE t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event!  This is all really exciting, we hope to see you there!
Advance tickets:

Full CFF scheduled is up!

Check it out here.

And don’t forget, we have a limited number of All Access Badges available (only eight left!) for this year’s CFF.  We’re hosting over 35 programs and the badge is the equivalent of admission to 13 of them so it’s a great deal and the funds go right back into the festival.  Thanks for your support!

Here’s a Philadelphia City Paper preview of the CFF.

And last, check out this fantastic poster for the VIDEO PIRATES: LIFE OF PIA program by Mario Manzoni:

Life of Pia Small example poster final

Quick schedule changes…

We moved MR. MIKE’S MONDO VIDEO to Thursday, April 17 at 8:00 PM and replaced it with the Philadelphia Premiere of COMPUTER ERROR, a feature-length compilation of the worst that modern movies have to offer.  This one is a TON of fun!

We also moved the THE WIZARD / Nintendo World Championship event to Sunday, April 27 so that it wouldn’t conflict with any major east coast gaming events.

The program guide is at the printer and we’re working on the full schedule announcement right now, in the meantime here’s the cover of the guide.
Design and photo by Steve Streisguth, photo model is Joanna Revelle.


CFF 2014 Opening Night and Weekend Programming Announced

Welcome to the Cinedelphia Film Festival 2014 presented by Video Pirates!  We’re excited to announce the programming for opening weekend, available here on the 2014 Schedule page.  As you’ll see, we’re getting even crazier and more obscure than last year, hope you enjoy!

Also, we currently have twelve (eleven now) All Access Badges available to purchase for a deeply discounted $125.  These badges will grant the bearer admission to all CFF programs (38 in total) and will help us raise funds necessary to make some of our crazy programming dreams a reality.  Badges are available here:

The remaining 27 programs will be announced next week, here are some quick teases:  an Exhumed Films presentation, the latest from Troma Films (with special guests!), a bunch of amazing live scores, a film comprised entirely of animated GIFs, a retrospective of a popular locally produced Nickelodeon game show, and Everything Is Terrible.  Excited yet?