Saturday, April 22, 10:00 PM
Night of the Virgin [La Noche del Virgen]
(Dir. Roberto San Sebastián, 2016, Spain, 116 min)

It’s New Year’s Eve and awkward 20-something Nico is determined to finally lose his virginity.  As midnight strikes at a hip dance club and all potential conquests have seemingly dried up, he notices the attractive and much older Medea.  Despite her being old enough to be his mother, Nico agrees to accompany her home, eager to fulfill his destiny.  Upon arriving at her roach infested apartment, Nico soon realizes that Medea has nefarious plans of her own, and what begins as a quest to get laid quickly transitions into a bloody fight for survival.

In what is sure to be the most wild and disgusting film of this year’s CFF, The Night of the Virgin is tailor-made for fans of the excessive and the grotesque.  From the darkest of crimson, to the most off of off-whites, every color of the bodily fluid rainbow is presented in all of their repugnant glory.  Handsomely photographed and expertly directed, the film deftly juggles pitch-black humor and balls-to-the-wall, practical effects-driven horror that recalls the work of Álex de la Iglesia (Day of the Beast, The Last Circus), while standing on its own as one of the most wonderfully vile films in recent memory. — Matt Garrett