SPLATTER UNIVERSITY w/ a live score by composer Chris Burke

Thursday, April 18, 7:30 PM

Splatter University
(Dir. Richard W. Haines, 1984, USA, 78 min)
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It’s top of the class for slasher flick terror!  Students at an Ivy League university campus are thrown into total panic by a gruesome series of murders as young men and women are hideously picked off one by one.  The killer, a horribly twisted psychopath escaped from an asylum, lurks in the darkest corners and strikes where least expected, including a drive-in and a classroom.  Pretty young Julie senses the terrible evil is coming for her next, and she pieces together the clues that lead to the ultimate showdown and a final exam in sheer, blood-curdling terror!

A classic of no-budget horror filmmaking, Richard W. Haines’ Splatter University is a trashy and consciously absurd 80s slasher that revels in the best (and worst) tropes of the genre.  The film will be presented in its digital restoration from the original 16mm camera negative courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome with a remixed and reimagined score performed live by the film’s composer, Chris Burke.

Composer Chris Burke, aka glomag, helped create the sound of 80s horror, scoring such films as Splatter University (1984), The Toxic Avenger (1984), Blue Vengeance (1991), and The Refrigerator (1991).  Concurrently, he worked on-set with some of the most creative talents in contemporary film, including directors Robert Altman, Lucio Fulci, and Enzo Castellari.  The soundtrack to Splatter University will be released on vinyl this Spring, find Chris’ current and vintage synth scores at glomag.bandcamp.com.

glomag photo by Mike Shirley-Donnelly : https://msd.myportfolio.com