monsterman-still-2Monday, April 18, 7:30 PM
(2015, 85 min, Dir. Antti Haase)

A documentary on Finland’s heavy metal heroes Lordi and their singer/creator’s struggle to stay relevant years after winning the music world’s highest honor.

lordishoppingMr. Lordi was born Tomi Putaansuu, a severely bullied youth who channeled his frustrations into a fantasy world that would one day evolve into Finland’s most popular metal band.  Formed in 1992, Lordi achieved international recognition in 2006 when they became the first hard rock band, and the first Finnish artist, to win the Eurovision Song Contest.  Five years later, the band has debts of hundreds of thousands of euros and are in risk of being dropped from their label.  The documentary follows Mr. Lordi, never shown without makeup, as he is coerced into joining the cast of a reality show and reduced to performing at corporate events, all while dealing with lineup changes and attempts to record a new album.  His inner self is revealed through visits to his rural hideaway, full of Muppets, KISS toys, and E.T. memorabilia, evidence of the Monsterman’s childlike heart.

In the vein of I am Thor and Anvil: The Story of Anvil, Monsterman is a charming and often heartbreaking portrait of a fading musician’s quest for immortality.

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