Bag-Boy-Lover-Boy-PosterSunday, April 19, 8:30 PM
Philadelphia Premiere!
(2014, 77 min, Dir. Andres Torres)
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Albert, a graveyard shift hot dog vendor, lives on the fringes of society in NYC. He spends his nights serving questionable meat tubes to thankless urbanites and his days alone in his vile, cramped efficiency apartment. After a chance meeting with sleazy SoHo photographer, Ivan, Albert is sucked into the art world as Ivan attempts to exploit his unquestionably strange appearance and awkward demeanor. Upon seeing Ivan’s ability to control women with the power of the camera, Albert aspires to become a photographer in the hopes of winning the heart of troubled customer, Lexy. Following Ivan’s lead, his pictures tend to focus on sexual violence and the willful destruction of women. Despite his inability to take a single successful Polaroid, Albert soldiers on, intent on becoming the star photographer he recently decided he was born to be. Before long, he gets a bit carried away with his malevolently themed set-pieces, and the line between lurid art and real-life murder begins to blur. How will the girl of his dreams react to his newfound talent, and what will her fate be once the lens cap comes off?

Jon-Sarah-Photo-Shoot-2-smConfidently directed by first-timer Andres Torres and featuring a breakthrough performance from Jon Wachter as Albert, Bag Boy Lover Boy is a pitch perfect, pitch-black satire skewering classism, misogyny, the NYC art world, and the very notion of exploitation itself. Amongst a landscape of cookie-cutter horror films and trite exploitation throwbacks, Bag Boy explodes off the screen and into your mouth in a way few cult/horror films have in recent years. (MG)

Screening with the Philadelphia Premiere of:
Hurricane Boy F You Tabarnack!
Dir. Ara Ball/14 minutes/Canada
Shot in B&W Super 16mm and set in 1991, HBFYT! follows the exploits of 11 year-old tyrant, bully, and aspiring tough-guy Delphis (AKA Hurricane), as he takes the world around him by storm. Featuring songs by The Circle Jerks, Unruled, and My Dog Popper.

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