thewizard-smSunday, April 27, 3:00 PM
THE WIZARD + Nintendo World Championship reenactment!
(1989, 96 minutes, Dir. Todd Holland)

Hardware sponsored by TOO MANY GAMES:

We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of the greatest feature-length commercial ever made with a screening of the Fred Savage classic THE WIZARD!  And that’s not all, because we’ll also be reenacting the climactic Nintendo World Championship scene live in the Mausoleum!  Tournament entry is included with admission.

thewizard-2-sm3:00 – 4:30 : Qualifying rounds, the top three scores on the official Nintendo World Championship game will move on to the championship round.
4:30 – 6 : Screening of THE WIZARD
6:00 : Championship round, the top three of the day compete head-to-head on Super Mario Bros 3.

First prize is an official Nintendo World Championship reproduction cart!

Championship hosted by Justin Silverman of SILVERMANIA, music provided by Dj Cutman.

thewizard3THE WIZARD is a heartwarming illustration of the true power of Nintendo-brand video games.  A mentally disturbed young boy with unnatural gaming skills desires to recapture a past happiness, leading to a cross country road trip with his older brother (Fred Savage) and wise-beyond-her-years friend (Jenny Lewis).  The boys’ father (Beau Bridges) and oldest brother (Christian Slater) are hot on their trail as is a meddlesome bounty hunter.  Their journey leads them to the Nintendo World Championships in California (“Califooorniaaa”) where a family once divided now stand united before the glory of Super Mario Bros 3.  Come enjoy the film that Roger Ebert called “a cynical exploitation film with a lot of commercial plugs”.  It’s so bad.


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