Wednesday, April 17, 7:30 PM

The White World According to Daliborek
(Dir. Vit Klusak, 2017, Czech Republic/Slovakia/UK, 105 min)

Both outrageously offensive and undeniably hilarious, the artful documentary The White World According to Daliborek is an intimate portrait of a clueless neo-Nazi who holds nothing back from the camera.  This film contains extreme language and subject matter.

Daliborek is a 37-year-old industrial painter, amateur horror maker, lo-fi YouTuber, and a radical neo-Nazi.  He is approaching 40, but is still living with his mother and has yet to experience a real relationship with a woman.  He hates his job, gypsies, Jews, refugees, homosexuals, Merkel, spiders and dentists.  He hates his life, but he doesn’t know how to change it.  Jealously emerges when his mother begins dating a Facebook acquaintance, but Daliborek soon warms up to him by way of a shared hatred towards minorities.  And it’s not long before his mother’s new relationship prompts Daliborek himself to seek out his first love.

A tragicomic documentary about a lonely man who has devoted his life to hate, PlayStation, YouTube, and the “decent ordinary Czechs” that surround him.

“An absurdly funny, laceratingly smart and ultimately chilling glimpse into the tragicomic life of a down-at-heel Czech neo-Nazi.” – Variety

Director’s statement:
Please don’t judge Daliborek.  That would be the simplest approach to the matter.  Try to understand him, how it is to live in his skin.

The effort to avoid negative judgement was the hardest part during the shoot.  It was not easy to keep balance between critical distance and empathy.  I can’t really say, if I was successful with that.  Obviously, I strongly disagree with the Nazi ideology, but I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to make an activist’s judgement or a documentary filmmaker’s execution of a Nazi.  I consider it far more precious to be given a chance to understand how a sensitive boy from a small town becomes a proud self-proclaimed neo-Nazi.  And how is it possible that the people who surround him keep agreeing with him with a smile on their faces?

I don’t believe that people are born hateful.  Our film is not a portrait of a singular Nazi “mad man”.  The White World According to Daliborek is proof that his despicable worldview is accepted among his colleagues, classmates, friends and other acquaintances.  Our brave ambition is to have a look inside the heads and hearts of thousands of people like Dalibor, who adjusted their worldview towards a hatred and fear of otherness.  To point out to the world where the new wave of neo-Nazism  and distaste is born.