SUSPIRIA – Rare Uncut 35mm Italian Print, Jessica Harper in attendance

Friday, April 13, 7:00 PM
(Dir. Dario Argento, 1977, Poland, 98 min)
Star Jessica Harper in attendance!

The Cinedelphia Film Festival presents the first-ever Philadelphia screening of the uncut Dario Argento classic on 35mm in Italian (with English subs) with star Jessica Harper in attendance for a Q&A! This recently discovered print, the only known one in existence, has been making the rounds to rave reviews and sold out crowds across the country and now Philly audiences finally have the chance to experience SUSPIRIA as it was originally screened in its home country.

American ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) moves to Germany to study at the prestigious Tanz Dance Academy. Strange happenings are immediate: a frantic student flees in the dead of night, maggots fall from the ceiling, Suzy’s health takes an inexplicable turn. The school may have a purpose much darker than dance and Suzy hopes to live long enough to uncover it.

While a constant on “scariest movie” and “best horror film” lists, SUSPIRIA has been embraced by arthouse and mainstream audiences alike. Argento’s endlessly imitated style and color palette, as well as the effectiveness of the nightmarish world he creates (aided by Goblin’s classic soundtrack), have enabled SUSPIRIA to transcend, but never betray, its genre, making it a true world cinema classic.

Print provided by the Chicago Cinema Society.