Saturday, April 13, 10:00 PM
Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel
(Dir. Richard Baskin + Paul Justman, 1983, USA, 85 min)

In October 1982, many Richmond residents skipped classes and even their jobs to be a part of Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel, the first feature-length 3-D music video and the second film made inside the once-opulent Jefferson Hotel.

Executive Producers Howard and Francine Schuster, along with Producers Peter Rodis and William Gilmore, raised about $4 million for the project.  Then, with a script completed by Russell Dvonch (screenwriter for the Ramones vehicle Rock ‘N Roll High School) and locations secured, sets were created both inside the Jefferson, at the Village Restaurant on Grace Street, and even in Frog Level, Virginia.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel starred three young newcomers:  Judd Nelson, Matthew Penn and pop star Rachel Sweet.  Veteran actors Dick Shawn, Joe Grifasi and Tony award-winner Donna McKechnie provided the star power.  Music video director Paul Justman took over as director after the departure of the first director, Richard Baskin.

The production was problematic, and quickly disintegrated over planning, money, and direction before becoming the MTV generation’s great “lost” movie – until 2010, when after a 10-month search by author and journalist Dale Brumfield, a single VHS copy was discovered at the bottom of an architect’s closet in Culver City, California.  The tape was digitized, and premiered in August 2010 as a fundraiser for Richmond’s Byrd Theater.

The only surviving copy of the film belongs to Dale Brumfield who will be in attendance for an introduction.