i_am_a_knife_with_legs_poster-smWednesday, April 22, 9:30 PM
Philadelphia Premiere!
(2014, 83 min, Dir. Bennett Jones)

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“Too unique, too weird, too unconventionally hilarious and simply too amazing to ever be produced with anything other than the microbudget it was made on, I Am A Knife With Legs is exactly the sort of film that illustrates why underground outsider cinema remains essential in 2014.” – Mitch Davis, Fantasia International Film Festival.

“When Death comes, you can’t say, ‘Oh wait a minute, Death, I have some soup on the stove…Death knows you microwave your soup.’”- Bené

Euro-pop superstar Bené (Writer/director Bennett Jones) is in trouble and on the run. With such global pop hits as “All Religion Is Stupid, Especially Yours”, it was only a matter of time before his name showed up on the premier terrorist website, fatwalist.com. Following the loss of his beloved girlfriend/back-up singer, Baguette, to a tragic suicide bombing, Bené and his manager/muscle Beefy hide out in a secret location in Los Angeles awaiting certain death. As the two comrades prepare for the ultimate showdown against the world’s top assassins, Bené’s past and present unfold via infectious lo-fi music video vignettes, crudely animated sequences, and more riotous dialogue and pontifications than you can shake an éclair at.

After years of developing the character of Bené at stand-up gigs, writer/director/star Bennett Jones spent the next seven years crafting the film with little more than a mini-DV camera, Adobe After-Effects, a few friends, and boatloads of talent and ambition. Having rocked audiences at Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, Oldenburg, SF Indie Fest and more, it’s time to introduce the wild world of Bené to Philadelphia. Get your ab-holes ready and don’t forget your groove shoes! (MG)

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