GETEVEN (1993/2007)

roadtorevenge-smSATURDAY, APRIL 12, MIDNIGHT
(1993/2007, 90 minutes, Dir. John De Hart)

From the mind of L.A.-based trial lawyer John De Hart comes a masterpiece of amateur filmmaking, GETEVEN (aka ROAD TO REVENGE aka CHAMPAGNE AND BULLETS).  De Hart wrote, directed, and starred in this wonderfully awkward and highly ambitious low-budget endeavor, filmed in 1993 with additional footage shot in 2007 before its long overdue release the following year.

Here’s the synopsis from the website:geteven-2-sm
A fast moving multidimensional action romance starring John De Hart and action film veterans Wings Hauser and William Smith.  Rick and Huck are two ex-cops betrayed by the Machiavellian Normad.  Rick and Huck team up to finally end the tyranny of this crooked dope dealing cult-leading judge. Rick and his ex-girlfriend Cindy reunite after Rick has left the force.  Cindy has had some intriguing visits with drugs, satanic cult followers, and she becomes their target. Just after Rick and Cindy wed, the newlyweds are chased while riding a geteven-3-smmotorcycle by Normad’s thugs in a car…

The plot is really beside the point as the true attractions here are De Hart’s unique acting (and singing!) style, some of the best lovemaking scenes this side of THE ROOM, and Wings Hauser’s absolutely bonkers performance.  This one’s gonna be a hoot with a crowd, wait ‘til you hear “The Shimmy Slide”!


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