david-the-rock-nelson-4Saturday, April 23, 7:30 PM

The beloved creator of no-budget B-movie fare Mummy A.D. 1993 and the Devil Ant series joins us for a retrospective look at his filmmaking career guest hosted by Zack Carlson.

david-the-rock-nelsonDavid Nelson grew up in a Chicago suburb in the 1960s, a monster movie maniac from the age of eight.  As he matured his life took him in much different directions, first to Bible school, then the Marines, then the boxing world where he was a three-time Golden Gloves fighter.  It wasn’t until 1984 when The Rock’s love for the cinematic fantastic was rejuvenated thanks to a midnight screening of The Terminator.  He began making his own films in 1991 and has since created dozens of shorts and features, all representative of his love for the horror genre of old.  He is a regular of horror conventions and even had brushes with the mainstream media thanks to appearances on The Jon Stewart Show and The Daily Show.

david-the-rock-nelson-2Content-aside, The Rock’s films all share a homemade, DIY aesthetic that has earned him the title “Ed Wood of the 21st Century”.  He controls all aspects of his productions and doesn’t believe in auditions hence his films are often populated by his friends, family, and himself.  Not only is he aware of his films’ flaws and flubs, he embraces them for they only add to the level of entertainment that he is driven to provide.  Whether paying tribute to the Universal classics or the Spanish horrors of Paul Naschy, The Rock’s work often features religiously-motivated overtones that reflect his honest, good-natured self.  His respect for his fans is apparent in the care given to his self-distributed features (which often include an hour’s worth of diary-like home video footage prior to the feature film itself), and the respect from his peers is evident in a scattering of cameos that have been provided by the likes of Roger Corman, Forrest J. Ackerman, and Hillary Clinton (unbeknownst to her).

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