BloodyKnuckles-smWednesday, April 22, 7:30 PM
Philadelphia Premiere!
(2014, 83 min, Dir. Matt O’Mahoney)

Director Matt O’Mahoney in attendance!
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Underground comic creator Travis pulls no punches with his gleefully offensive series Vulgarian Invasions, and unfortunately the wrong people are starting to take notice. While Travis has always reveled in pissing off the powers that be, his latest issue featuring local Chinatown crime boss, Leonard Fong, may finally convince him that his art could have dire consequences. After Fong and his goons remove the offending appendage, Travis’ right hand, the once vocal free speech proponent withdraws into a drunken haze, never to return to comics again…until his disembodied hand comes back and decides the fight, on and off the page, has just begun!

bloody-knuckles-2-smVancouver-based filmmaker Matt O’Mahoney is no stranger to PhilaMOCA audiences. His Fantastic Fest award-winning short Electric Fence screened at our notorious showing of the NAMBLA documentary Chickenhawk, while his follow-up short Adjust Tracking was a favorite of our quarterly Vivisections program (and is featured in our Best Of block here at CFF). Fans hoping he would bring the same kind of blood-drenched lunacy to his feature debut will be greatly rewarded, but Bloody Knuckles is more than just body-melts and zombie-hand hijinks. Gore, crude humor, and gay BDSM super heroes aside, Bloody Knuckles is a fierce rallying cry against those that try to stifle free expression through violent or political means, and a shining example of how ridiculously entertaining “harmful matter” can be. (MG)

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