Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 7:30 PM
(Dir. David Hall, 2016, Canada, 99 min)
Director David Hall + Producer Vivek Venkatesh in attendance!

In November of 2015, four Canadian filmmakers traveled to Bergen, Norway to explore the city and attend Blekkmetal – a one-off festival created to celebrate the origins of Norwegian black metal.  More than just a festival documentary, ample time is spent on setting the stage in Bergen, a rainy coastal town in southwestern Norway isolated from the rest of the country by mountains and fjords, thus an unexpected epicenter for the black metal scene.  Residents and visitors provide commentary on the importance of the area and its complementary nature to the extreme metal scene that it houses as they prepare to attend the upcoming fest.

Featuring exclusive interviews and footage of Enslaved, Taake, Aeternus, Gehenna, Helheim, Old Funeral, Kampfar, Hades Almighty and Gaahls Wyrd performing classic and rare songs from their catalog.  By avoiding the genre’s sensationalized troubles of the past, Blekkmetal succeeds as both a valuable document of an important time and place and an extension of the subject it captures.

The screening will feature an introduction and Q&A with director David Hall and producer Vivek Venkatesh.

Screening with:
Death Metal
Dir. Chris McInroy, 2016, USA, 5 min)
A guitar forged by Satan himself is gifted to a metalhead with gory results in this outrageous splatter-comedy.