cardsofdeath-smSaturday, April 4, 8:00 PM
@ Ardmore’s Viva Video!
$5 donation to cover snacks

Ardmore’s Viva Video! will host a special pre-festival marathon of VHS releases from Bleeding Skull Video!  The first three BSV releases will be shown in surprise order with introductions by local filmmaker Johnny Dickie.

CARDS OF DEATH : Shadows stalk the night. Some belong to desperate men in hobo masks; others to switchblade-wielding new wave dominatrixes. But they’re all cast against the urine-soaked asphalt by the throbbing pulse of sex-colored neon and remorseless gunfire. Welcome to hatred, pain, suicide, misanthropy and inescapable hopelessness. Welcome to swastika cummerbunds, barbed wire strangulations and gambling-addicted priests impaled on wrought-iron fences. The apocalypse has a name. And it’s CARDS OF DEATH.

Written and directed in 1986 by Hollywood veteran W.G. MacMillan (who appeared in the Dirty Harry sequel THE ENFORCER), this shot-on-video scuzz-sex-slice-and-dicer has long been described as the “holy grail of slasher movies,” mostly for its sheer rarity among VHS collectors. Though it was an American production, CARDS OF DEATH was briefly released on VHS exclusively in Japan before disappearing completely, without even a listing on IMDB. The Bleeding Skull Video! release of CARDS OF DEATH marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States.

Directed by W.G. MacMillan / 90 minutes / 1986 / Color

soultangler-smTHE SOULTANGLER : Insane genius Dr. Anton Lupesky has worked in seclusion to develop the experimental drug Anphorium, which allows its user to inhabit any fresh corpse they wish. But this medical miracle has its price, as it transforms its user into a rabid maniac bent on the annihilation of our species. This epic of outsider filmmaking creates a unique, sometimes dreamlike suspension that’s punctuated with jarring moments of severe visceral hysteria. Though the actors are friends and in-laws and the sets are basements and garages, there’s an earnest devotion to truly unique storytelling that elevates THE SOULTANGLER beyond kitsch and into deeply unsettling territory. If H.P. Lovecraft rose from his grave in the late ’80s with a 16mm camera, ten severed heads, and a case of Schlitz, this would be the result.

Though it was produced on Long Island, THE SOULTANGLER was briefly released on VHS in Canada and Korea before disappearing completely. The Bleeding Skull Video! release of THE SOULTANGLER marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States.

Directed by Pat Bishow / 90 minutes / 1987 / Color

runcoyoterun-smRUN COYOTE RUN is the legendary lost project from exploitation juggernauts Renee Harmon (LADY STREET FIGHTER) and James Bryan (DON’T GO IN THE WOODS). Compiled from over a decade of footage, this patchwork brain-crusher makes the recycled lunacy of SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 seem logical by comparison. Anne Wellington (Harmon), a psychic police officer, is the sister of LADY STREET FIGHTER‘s Linda Wellington (Harmon). Anne is trying to find Linda’s killer while eluding axe murderers, occultists, the FBI, and an incriminating cassette tape. If the plot sounds semi-lucid, don’t worry — the execution bears no resemblance to a reality that scientists, therapists, or archeologists are aware of. Actors age ten years between scenes. Brawls begin in apartments, but end in a warehouses. A stuffed animal appears on the chest of a corpse for no good reason. Ambitious, nightmarish, and impossible to comprehend, RUN COYOTE RUN rallies for both determination and madness, but never chooses sides. In the words of a cop at the movie’s climax: “This is like the day of last judgement.”

Recently discovered in the trunk of a used car, RUN COYOTE RUN was completed in 1987 by director James Bryan, but never officially released. The Bleeding Skull Video! release of RUN COYOTE RUN marks the first time that the movie has been available on home video in any format.

Directed by James Bryan / 72 minutes / 1987 / Color

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