Best-Worst-master-purple-smSaturday, April 25, 7:30 PM
12 hours of CFF’s favorite bad movies featuring
TROLL 2 – 25th Anniversary Screening + feast!
THE SKID KID – Presented by Everything Is Terrible!
WHITE COP – Philadelphia Premiere!
+ five crowd-pleasing surprise features!
BUY TICKETS ($17 advance, $22 door)

troll-2-cover-smTROLL 2 – Join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best worst movies of all time!  The surprisingly troll-less town of Nilbog holds a green-colored secret that an unsuspecting (and unconvincing) family is about to uncover with the help of a ghostly relative.  Preceded by a celebratory feast with green-colored food, of course.

the-skid-kid-smTHE SKID KID – Everything Is Terrible! present a look back at “the hero of the ’90s”, The Skid Kid!  Unlisted on IMDb, this Missouri-shot no-budget actioner concerns a 16-year-old named Scooter Spielberg who finds a pair of RC Cola-fueled magical boots that grant him the ability to fight crime.  Rare and unusual; introduction by EIT’s Dimitri Simakis.


white-cop-poster-smWHITE COP – Philadelphia Premiere of a film inspired by the low budget masterpieces that we all cherish.  Officer Kip White (Ben Kobold) is on a one-man mission to take down the European Cartel.  After witnessing one of the cartel’s thugs murder his best friend, White goes on a vengeance quest.  He’ll stop at nothing–not even the LAW–to find the cartel leaders and arrest them.  But there are obstacles in White’s path: the hot new street drug STAMP, plucky reporters, mysterious vigilantes, and even the Mayor of Chicago, Dennis (played by David Liebe Hart from Tim & Eric).

We’re going to keep the five additional features a surprise, but trust us, they’re all going to be a ton of fun with a crowd.  Well, all except the last one, which is one of the most difficult films we’ve ever seen…and we guarantee that even our local connoisseurs of bad cinema haven’t heard of at least two of these.  Certificates of achievement will be awarded to everyone that makes it through the whole event!

Event poster by Ghost Bat.

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